V-Sard is one of the very few talented musicians who works in almost all spheres of music.

He is a multi-genre composer/songwriter. His works range from commercially attractive instrumentals and songs to film soundtracks, anthems and large-scale compositions, music for documentaries and TV programs. Many of his works are very popular in his home country. The composer's music has been used for different openings, competitions, radio and TV commercials, etc. V-Sard has worked with many artists in Syria and abroad. He is also an established pianist and music producer.


Concert in Geneva, Switzerland
In December 2013 V-Sard had a concert in Geneva, Switzerland with artist Lilya Barak. Maestro Charles Aznavour was among the honorable guests.
Album "Eros" Released
In November 2013 V-Sard released his album "Eros" based on marketing and distribution deal with Tate Music Group, Oklahoma, USA. V-Sard is the producer, arranger and author of the majority of songs in the album. He collaborated with artist Lilya Barak.
New Publishing Agreement with "Music of the Sea"
V-Sard signed a new publishing deal with "Music of the Sea" Licensing Company based in the U.S. The company is going to provide licensing and distribution of a group of V-Sard's instrumental works.
The song "GIVE ME SOME MORE" aired on Suckfree Radio!
Music by V-Sard, Lyrics by Alexa Dee, Artist: Lilya Barak
Publishing Deal with ACM Records
Recently V-Sard signed a publishing deal with ACM Records for the song "Stay with Me".
One of Top 20
V-Sard's instrumental "Beyond the Veil" was selected as one of top 20 entries in Soundtrack/TV/Video Games category in 100% Music Songwriting Contest 2010.    
The UK Songwriting Contest 2010
Quite recently V-Sard has been awarded a Semi-Finalist Certificate for the song "I'm Leaving" in the UK Songwriting Contest 2010.